AI Empowered Journeys


Working collaboratively with the core design directors at Mercedes Advanced UX design.

We started the project with a series of R+D blue sky thinking sprints, the purpose, to not limit ideation + explore inspiring possibilities, realities for the near future of autonomous travel based on shaping new behaviours, perspectives + rooted in emerging technologies.

Together, we identified several areas of speculative interest to go deeper.

Resulting in focused, consecutive design phases, manifesting ideas into design prototypes + proposals.


Our approach was based on the studio’s long line of enquiry + interest in many different fields, from generative design, system thinking, digital identity to ai empowered perception of our surrounding world.

Speculative design + prototyping

These design phases are speculative in their nature, framed around research + aligned collaborative goals, ambition + purpose.

As designers + technologists, we present ideas that are emotive, through images + video narratives as well as being supported by technical prowess + strategy for future implementation.


Visions for what the future of mobility + the merging of the oncoming Metaverse could offer, framed in the context of a luxury brand experience. x Mercedes Advanced UX Design
Project Duration: 12 months

Example quote: An insight into AI empowered journeys that bridge the metaverse, brand expression + luxury passenger experiences.

Zane or Arthur, Director, Advanced UX Director, Mercedes Benz

Creative Director

Mike Hughes

Executive Creative Direction

Marcus Wendt

Executive Producer

Jamie Raap

Managing Director

Vera-Maria Glahn

Experiential Designer

Chris Hoffmann