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OVO Energy


The OVO Energy Forecast is a powerful, data-driven, collective artwork that tells the story of thousands of everyday lives across the UK.

How do you captivate an audience with something as abstract as data?

When Saatchi and Saatchi approached FIELD for a large-scale data visualisation for OVO Energy, we saw a chance to think differently.

Tapping into real data gathered from travellers, we built a live, generative experience that utilises AI to create a more emotional and human perspective.


Every single day, a bustling 123,000 passengers flow through the iconic London Euston train station.

That’s 123,000 people, each with their own different angle on energy. Individually, our impact on the climate may seem minuscule and insignificant.

However, when zoomed out, hundreds of thousands of choices add up to a larger picture of collective action.

Storytelling With Data + Generative AI

With a custom AI language model, we made hundreds of profiles of unique people — each possessed personal quirks and professions enriched by daily schedules gathered from commuters of every walk of life.

These human fingerprints then helped us create scores of realistic portraits and narratives of the UK at work and play. Something we couldn’t achieve at the scale and pace required with traditional photography and copywriting alone.

But of course, AI isn’t perfect. Engineering a robust curation tooling pipeline, we ensured every image produced was true to life and adapted to OVO’s brand guidelines.


Living Digital Canvas

Working with Europe’s largest indoor screen, we created a scalable graphic architecture to organise a landscape of data elements and streamline the animation process.

We built the canvas framework as a living texture. Ebbing and flowing with the activity of renewables on the energy grid, kinetic patterns and fine typographic details deliver the weather and energy usage in real time.


The Age Of Experience

We believe in an experiential future: one where we embrace intelligent, emotional spaces made richer by — and not separated from — our humanity.

The OVO Forecast is the world’s first monumental use of AI in a public display. It offers a glimpse at what’s to come as we begin to decipher this technology and how to harness its potential in fresh and innovative ways.

Our message is simple: When brands put their audiences at the heart of experiences, they create room for interventions that are even more impactful and long-lasting.

Commissioned by

Saatchi & Saatchi


Saatchi & Saatchi

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OVO Energy

Executive Creative Direction

Marcus Wendt

Creative Director

Jack Grafton

Creative Director

Justin Crook

Design Lead

Max Palmer


Gritt Wolany


Doris Helminger


Michael Limmetti


Sinéad McCarthy


Britt Berden

Technical Lead

Bruno Imbrizi


Jonas Kouwenhoven


Richard Palmer


Raphaël Améaume


Daan Rongen

Experiential Designer

Ray Chong

Senior Client Partner

Celine Parun