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New Natures AW15

Film studies on how we perceive and navigate the new hybrids of real and virtual landscapes.

In six scenic films, the habits of our busy digital lifestyles clash with epic natural beauty, and wild landscapes reveal a substratum of CG.
Shot on location in Wales, film and photo shots have been augmented with in-camera visual effects, light projections, glitches and digital treatments.

Commissioned by

Diesel S.p.A

Marcus Wendt

Creative Lead

Paul Brenner

Executive Producer

Vera-Maria Glahn

Videography + Photography

James Medcraft

Design & Animation

Ryan Dzierzek

Design & Animation

Yonni deHaar

Design & Animation

Nicolas Nahornyj

Effects Development

Tim Bacon

Sound Design

Simon Pyke


Valtteri Laihanen

Retail Design