Brand Expression


REAL/RAW/FAST Identity System

The new face of adidas flagship stores: A Generative Identity System for Retail Screens – bespoke, dynamic, scalable.

Remixing a huge database of brand content and realtime graphics onto multi-screen clusters, with a powerful, custom-built tool – an infinite stream of ever-changing content.

In a closely collaborative process with adidas Brand Design, FIELD.IO designed and implemented a fully dynamic generative system, bringing to life the store’s motion and identity design conceived by cutting-edge graphic studio DIA.

Campaign photo + video, kinetic type and procedural animations, are all animated and arranged into ever new compositions in real-time – and customised per store area and theme. Localised design elements make each store unique, whilst keeping up a bold and cohesive visual language.

From a plug-and-play rollout to a bespoke flagship version, the Generative System provides solutions for any scale and use case. Designed to scale to any screen formats and arrangements, from pop-up to flagship.

A key selling point of the Generative System is its integration with adidas’ existing content management system Scala: seasonal brand and campaign content is uploaded and scheduled through the familiar CMS channels, whilst the generative motion design takes over the entire store at scheduled intervals.

Commissioned by

adidas Global Brand Design

Generative Design System by


Motion and Identity Design


Media Asset Production


Executive Creative Direction

Marcus Wendt

Creative Director

Mike Hughes

Creative Lead

Xander Marritt


Alice Shaughnessy

Technical Lead

Jonas Otto

Lead Developer

Bruno Imbrizi

Motion Design

Julien Bauzin

Executive Producer

Xavier Boivin

Strategy + Consulting

Vera-Maria Glahn

Creative Lead

Fleur Isbell


Seph Li


Riccardo Cambiassi


Samuel Honigstein


Safwaan Motara




Chris DuMont