Speculative Design

Design Research

Quasar Virtual Reality Sculptures


The spirit of pioneering, described as three human archetypes – each with their own means of perception, rationale and communication.

We observe their acts of exploring and creating, their willpower, creative strength and physical exhaustion. Exploring visions of a near future, and what it will mean to be human.

Comprised of wearable sculptures, interactive experiences and photo artworks, all elements of Quasar characterise the three archetypal explorers from different viewpoints.

Poets and artists live on frontiers. They have no feedback, only feedforward. They have no identities. They are probes.

– Marshall McLuhan

Each of the three personas that we’re imagining for Quasar reaches further away into the future: Quasar-1, the aggressive, relies on physical movement through space; means of travel and exploration that we are already familiar with. Quasar-2, the sensitive, has sensorial capabilities beyond ours, and filters the incoming signals into information that removes her further from us. Quasar-3, the inquisitive, travels, feels, and thinks in ways beyond our imagination; so far that it loses connection with what we regard as human in ourselves and others.

Just as much as we can see these personas in different people, they could also be seen as the different sides of one and the same person. Idolised innovators of our time, advancing so far they might lose touch with their surroundings.

Executive Creative Direction

Marcus Wendt

Executive Producer

Vera-Maria Glahn