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Büchi manufactures cutting edge scientific instruments used in laboratories all around the world.

Their products are highly complex — they require specialist knowledge and most of what they do is invisible to the human eye.

A unique visual language to bring Büchi's science to life and provide a beautiful + intuitive access to the brand.

Spray Drying

Spray drying is a method to dry solid substances from aqueous or organic solutions, emulsions and suspensions. During the process, a spray dryer atomizes a liquid feed into fine droplets and evaporates the organic solvent with a hot drying gas.


Chromatography is one of the most powerful methods for separating a sample, such as a synthesized mixture or a biological crude extract, into its single components. It is a common technique used in many scientific fields, including pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, and environmental analysis.

Rotary Evaporation

The rotary evaporation technique + distillation process are used to remove volatile solvents from liquid mixtures through vaporization and subsequent condensation.

Research + Development

Creative Lead

Julien Bauzin

Executive Producer

Jamie Raap


Tom Feustel

Digital Artist

Julian Braun

Digital Artist

Margot Hofmans


Max Palmer

Digital Artist

Phil Bonum

Digital Artist

Rosie Emery